Professional Clinical Supervision

Liz Sykes is a trained and accredited Clinical Supervisor with professional membership of Australian Clinical Supervisors Association. Professional clinical supervision is provided to practitioners and organisational staff in the community and allied health sector.

supervisionLiz Sykes Counselling & Consulting offers a safe, professional and confidential space to engage in clinical supervision, explore and reflect on your professional practice.

Clinical Supervision is designed to uphold quality practice, maintain resilience in professional and clinical practice settings and provide a professional space in which to articulate the use of key professional frameworks including critical reflection, ethical decision making and a professional practice framework. Clinical supervision supports the professional, keeping them at the centre of the process and empowering them to continue to grow in their work.

Clinical supervision is usually offered on a monthly basis but can be negotiated depending on requirements.


  • Please enquire directly with Liz Sykes by email or telephone, for fees applicable.