At Liz Sykes Counselling & Clinical Supervision, there is a commitment to building a strong interpersonal relationship with the client – underpinned by safety, respect, compassion, understanding and confidentiality….

Employee Assistance Program Counselling

Liz Sykes is an EAP provider with 16 years experience providing EAP counselling, critical incident response and debriefing, training and consulting services to Government, NGOs and private businesses and organisations throughout Tasmania

Clinical Supervision

Liz Sykes is a trained and accredited Clinical Supervisor with professional membership of Australian Clinical Supervisors Association…

Professional Supervision and Management Support

Professional supervision is offered to Managers, Team Leaders and employees in business and organisations. It provides an external space that is objective for professionals to engage in an intentional process of self-reflection that promotes a growth mindset, self awareness of professional identity and professional integrity.



Q: Do you need a referral?

A: You do not need a referral to see a counsellor. Please contact me by email, text message or phone to make an appointment.

Q: Are counselling sessions available through a mental health plan?

A: A mental health plan is not required to access counselling services as counsellors are not currently included in the professions covered by Medicare. My fees are aligned with the gap you would expect to pay if you were accessing a psychologist under a mental health plan.

Q: What does a Telehealth session involve?

A: Telehealth sessions provide you the convenience of accessing counselling by video session (or phone if you prefer). If you choose or are offered a Telehealth video session a link will be sent to your email address on the morning of the appointment. You simply need access to a device such as a laptop, phone, ipad etc. and internet connection and then click on the link to start the session at the time of the appointment. It is best to choose a private space for the session without interruption.

Q: How often should I attend sessions? How many sessions are usually offered?

A: At the time of making your first appointment I offer 2-3 sessions to ensure there is some continuity of appointments available for you. These sessions can always be cancelled with no fees applicable if not required. How many sessions you attend is always your decision. You are always invited to make decisions about when, how often and how you access counselling.

Q: What if I need to cancel my appointment?

A: You are always able to cancel your appointment if not required, or no longer able to attend and need to reschedule. I ask that you provide 24 hours notice where possible to avoid fees being incurred for a missed appointment.

Q: What else do I need to do or know before attending my first appointment?
A: A reminder text will be sent to you prior to your first appointment and will provide confirmation of the time of the appointment, the location and all necessary details regarding whether face to face Telehealth and payment information.

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