Professional Supervision and Management Support

Professional supervision is offered to Managers, Team Leaders and employees in business and organisations. It provides an external space that is objective for professionals to engage in an intentional process of self-reflection that promotes a growth mindset, self awareness of professional identity and professional integrity.

It enables exploration of ways to continue in the advancement and achievement of goals as a professional. This has proven to lead to retention of skilled managers and staff and increased experiences of feeling valued and supported. It also provides a space to debrief on issues that are challenging, explore ethical dilemmas and the impact of organisational matters on their role.

Management Support is tailored to the needs of the business, its framework and human resource management. It provides a space to explore culture, workplace morale, leadership styles, communication and promote professional development and growth. It extends to offering a proactive approach to ensuring workplace satisfaction and addressing issues as and when they arise before they escalate to being disruptive to the overall business goals and objectives.

Many organisations see benefits of external professional supervision for their management and staff. Feedback indicates it can provide skill enhancement for workers, and better service outcomes for the people the organisation serves. It also provides a quality control mechanism for organisational clients and WH&S safeguards for workers.

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